Where cooking is an inherited art

In dynamic Mexico City, where the pace of life is as vibrant as its culture, one place shines like a beacon of culinary excellence: Cambalache. This elegant restaurant pays tribute to the rich and diverse Argentine cuisine, presenting its guests with USDA Prime cuts of meat and an exquisite selection of imported fish and seafood.

But at Cambalache, cooking is more than a mere mixture of ingredients and recipes: it is an art that is breathed, lived and, of course, savored. With a wine list harvested from the lush vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina, the culinary experience at Cambalache is a feast for the senses. Whether you are in Mexico City, quiet Toluca, or paradisiacal Cancun, we invite you to immerse yourself in the art of grilling at Cambalache.

To further embellish your culinary experience, here we present three of the signature dishes that you cannot miss on your visit to Cambalache:

Whole White Fish Cambalache: This dish showcases the best of the sea with its fish of the day, seasoned with a perfect blend of citrus juices and annatto, resulting in an explosion of fresh and vibrant flavors. Accompanied by delicious grilled vegetables, this dish promises to delight your palate with its perfect balance between flavor and freshness.

Short Ribs Cambalache: This center cut of ribs is a true grill gem. Served with sautéed onions and toreado chiles, this dish is a journey into authentic Argentine tradition, offering a rich amalgam of flavors and textures that complement each other perfectly.

New York Steak: This cut of meat is a tribute to the essence of the grill. Juicy, tasty and with the perfect cooking point, this dish is an example of the mastery and dedication with which we work at Cambalache.

At Cambalache, our passion is to offer you an unparalleled culinary experience, where gastronomy becomes an art to be appreciated. We invite you to discover the magic of our cuisine in any of our branches. We are waiting for you!

Blanco Entero Cambalache
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